is a 24/7 online house music platform for those house music lovers that would like to hear all genres of House Music. DJ JAM had the idea of putting together an online streaming platform & collaborated with House Music DJs, Calmus & Notes of House to form the Notes of House website.

DJ JAM has been spinning for over 40 years, starting at 14 when he played a gig for his uncle at a bar in Harlem. He went on to DJ for a Rap Group at Howard University known as the Gemini Crew. After graduating he joined with another college friend to form the mobile DJ group “Just Awesome Music” which is the basis for the name “DJ JAM”. Throughout the years his love of House music was mostly personal, but now he enjoys playing it at Zoom parties and now on this platform.

Notes & Calmus who are fleshly sisters learned music from their parents at an early age, the sisters would go into their fathers Music room, which they have dubbed “The Empty Room” watching him on his turntables and trying it themselves when he wasn’t around. Their father used to play music for everyone on the block where they grew up. Everyone would come and sit on their stoop to enjoy the music. They loved going through his vast crates of records from the 60’s, 70s and 80s which most of them survived up until now. Growing up in Brooklyn NY, they had the ascendancy of listening to many of NY’s hottest radio stations.

They grew up listening to Soulful R&B, Disco, Punk, Classical Melodies, Latin, Blues, R& B Classics & Hip Hop. They learned house music at a very young age from a family friend. During High School, they interned at a House Music radio station/video show where they gained further insight on the House Music genre and had the wonderful privilege of working with and meeting some of the House Musicians and DJ’s. Their love for the genre of House has enabled them to began DJing. Notes & Calmus both specialize in Deep, Soulful & Afro House in addition to Soulful Classics but enjoy playing and listening to various genres of House.

The sisters are house artist themselves with spoken word tracks out. They were school teachers and then ventured on to become authors of the teenage book series “The Virtual Field Trip” sold on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Etsy, & They continue to utilize their instructional skills in their books. Part II of “The Virtual Field Trip” has a literacy activity for young readers to engage themselves into, while understanding the components of reading. They are eager to work with and get to know many of the artist that come onto the show and form new and rekindle old musical friendships.